askthenightguards: Apologies if you've answered this before, and I know you're doing the awesome rollout a week later, but is anyone from SFS going to be at BabsCon?

As a group, no. Too many conflicts with school and finances for that. M2X was a bit different since they invited us and actually helped us get out there.

Midwest Media Expo is a bit over a week away!

For those curious, our panel is expected to be at 1pm-2:30pm on Saturday of the convention! (April 26). (Time may be subject to change.)

If you were planning or interested in going, there’s still rooms available at the Marriott for $149 a night if you mention M2X! You can get more information here.

And as a reminder, we’ll be showing off an early version of Fall of the Empire at the con, as well as talking about the processes that go into making fan works and what our plans are after Fall of the Empire!

Hope to see you there!

theo-wolf: Just my two cents, but the way I see it, Why would you want to change your studios name? The only reason I can personally think of for doing it would be to distance yourself from your current work, and it's rather obvious you are proud of that work. Even if you guys stop doing pony work, I think you should keep it, having watched the page since a couple weeks after snowdrop came out, It fits you guys well. so I for one hope you keep it I guess. Love your work either way and am a fan whos staying

Valid points!

shadowking-sombra: You guys/girls could always make your logo a Philly cheese steak and change your name to Silly Philly studios.


tobbby92: Since Fall of the Empire will be your last Pony-related projekt, will you keep the name Silly filly studios and your mascot or will you change it?

We’ve discussed both keeping the name and Bubblegum around or alternate names and mascots, but the discussions have been pretty brief since we’ve been working so hard on content production. So, right now we’re uncertain if we’ll be changing the name or keeping the name and re-stylizing Bubblegum. :)

supah-fox: Have you taught about making a patreon account. Its place where you get paid by the people every month or every time you make something

We’ll probably look into it more once summer rolls around and we don’t have to put up with college and courses.

Patreon pays per release, so we’d want to do it when we start releasing more regular animations. It’d be kinda lame to do it when we need to make announcement videos between massive projects.

askderpythespy: Hmm... Snowdrop... Just tear generator.... The end...? That's how sad and dramatic it was

Well, we weren’t going for “just a tear generator”. There’s a very heartfelt story being told about all the ponies in Equestria coming to accept the beauty of winter which they had been so blind to before.

Funny how one little blind pegasus was the one who helped them all open their eyes and see it. :)

adaphion: It's really sad, I have actually had Snowdrops growing in my back yard for years, I always liked them and how they looked and after you guys released Snowdrop I had even more reasons to like them


andgnat-italian: Snowdrop was beautiful and sad story, you're very good job! you're better than everyone! :D

aw shucks u v u

We’ve sent out the emails with passcodes for MME to the winning recipients! Check your email and spam folders for any mail from a URL containing ‘SillyFillyStudios’. (Might be SillyFillyStudios02, 03, etc. We had to send them out manually so we had multiple people operating several emails.)