Just a reminder, we’ll be doing some art and requests this weekend! The stream will be Saturday at 5/8pm PST/EST.

If you’re a $15 or higher patreon supporter, head here and you can drop in your request(s)!


Actually, let’s push the stream back to next week so people have time.

If you’re a $15+ patreon supporter, hop over to the site if you’d like to submit a request.

Due to the buggy nature of Google’s hangout streaming service, private streaming is looking like less of a possibility, so we’re looking for alternatives for patreon workshop and request streams

We’ve come up with two solutions:

For $7+ supporters (workshop streams): Once a month we’ll release a podcast-style video recording that’s viewable just to the 7+ tier. We’ll take questions sent in that  month and go into detail over them with examples and demonstrations. We’re also open to maybe allowing for content to be sent in for critique and feedback from us. Doing this in advance allows us to make the videos more succinct and direct as well as answer supporters’ questions who can’t attend normally.

For $15+ supporters (request streams): Once a month, we’ll still have a request stream, but it will be public. Everyone will be allowed to come in, view, and talk with us, and it will be done through reliable Livestream or Picarto. However, on Patreon there will be an activity topic each month viewable just to supporters, where they can fill out request details. These will be what’s drawn in these streams, and since we’ll see a full list in advance it’ll  help us us to gauge how long to stream and tackle requests by supporters who aren’t able to attend directly. If you’re a $15 supporter, head over to Patreon to find the activity topic and you can submit a request right now, even!

We hope these changes are agreeable. We’re still planning to stream tomorrow, and since it’ll be publicly viewable, we hope to see you there!


Patreon Streams this weekend

Hello silly fillies! We’ll be hosting a workshop stream tomorrow (Friday) around 5:30pm PST/8:30pm EST. The stream will go on for about an hour, maybe a bit more or depending on how much we cover. We’re planning on going over voice acting advice a bit, as well as a bit in animation and art, as well as anything anyone has questions over, so bring things you want to ask about or even share if you’d like critique!

We’ll also be having a request stream for our $15 supporters on Saturday around 5pm PST/8pm EST and will go for about an hour and a half or until requests are all completed. Requests can be anything SFW (including OCs). We’re expecting them mostly to be sketch requests, but if the volume of requests is low they might also be colored or shaded.

The streams will be done over Google Hangouts and will be linked privately to the respective tiers through here. All you should need is a Youtube profile to comment.

These are being offered monthly as Patreon rewards. If you’d like to participate, be sure to support us!

New video! Greninja and Charizard and the Mystery Smash Bros. box.

Can you guess which new playable character is in the box? (Hint: It’s not  Mewtwo)

New animation coming within a week~

ask-mlp-oceanspray: what other kinds of pony animations will you be focusing on? history or head cannons?

Quite the opposite, we said in the recent announcement video that pony videos are going to less and less common. We likely will not be doing any more large MLP projects anymore: they’re too much work and are too risky. Pony’s still a possibility (and we have one or two comedic things planned down the road) but we’ve been pretty clear that we’re going to be doing a lot more original stuff and content based on other fandoms.

midnightriver-mlp: Do to copyright purposes, I wanted to ask if I may please have permission to do a tumblr focusing on Snowdrop?

Go for it!

It’s a little late right now, but a bit over a year later, Snowdrop has hit 4 million views!